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Anna Casadei

Even if it isn't true, it feels true.

Scott Ware

Great satire, Billy.

Bradford Richardson


"Rom-Coms: The Root of Widespread Delusional Behavior"



Hilarious, Billy! Thank you for the laughs.

My favorite:

"But everyone here is too busy trying to figure out what comes after vampires and zombies, and it ain't a couple of lovelorn dingbats singing karaoke, I can tell you that."

Thank God the couple in my latest rom-com aren't into karaoke:-)

E.C. Henry

To all who thing the romantic comedy genre is dead--I say fie! Studioheads have the final say on what films the greenlight, but in passing over all rom-coms there making a grave mistake.

You see movies have the power to influence millions. With great power comes great responsibility. Responsibiltiy to affect the world we live in for the good. Romantic comedys teach people to love. They are a "safe place" where the populus can see what works and what doesn't in a given coupling situation. Moreso they get to see this in an interesting fashion, as rom-coms are typically paired with another genre in a hybrid fashion.

I don't think the romantic comedy is dead by any stretch of the imagination, as the human spirit is not dead. Furhtermore romantic comedy movies are great places for todays top actors to show their chops.

Hopefully someday the studioheads will come their senses and realize the great opportunity they've been aforded and use their power for the good; the building up of a better society.

No one in America wants to see a romantic comedy? Fie! I sir am one of those who wants to see a "good" romantic comedy.


Anna: Yup,

Scott & Bradford: Thenkew, sirs.

Ourdia: Good call on the karaoke.

EC: You know I support your sentiments 100% - but please take a deep breath and read the first sentence of the post again, carefully, particularly the parenthetical phrase at the end, until its true meaning becomes clear.

Rob in L.A.

I hate to be the one to say this, but this doesn't bode well for future sales of "Writing the Romantic Comedy."


Rob: I'm not quitting my day job.

Judith Duncan

Well played Mr Mernit. You almost had me.I was two paragraphs in thinking well if Hollywood made Noah with Russell 'get in the damn boat and don't ask questions' Crowe, then sure. I must admit I did have a chuckle with Katherine Heigl being on suicide watch.(Probably for all the wrong reasons.)


Judith, there are no wrong reasons in this realm...


Does this mean we won't get Blended after all? :P

I'm scoffing at the people who think Sandler/Barrymore still clicks. I just don't see it anymore; I see bitterness, sweetness. Then again, it could be due to a lack of Rom-Com Truism #1, so it may not be entirely their fault that they aren't really clicking this time around.


Whoops, I mean to say "I see bitterness, *not* sweetness."


Spoiler alert: My romantic comedy spec was optioned yesterday.


ASFan, well, we'll have to see how it does. I think the draw is predicated more on whether or not Sandler still has box office mojo on his own (i.e. without a larger guys ensemble, e.g. GROWN-UPS).

Butch: That's fantastic! Congrats. My post is obviously a parody, but I'm especially happy to have it disproved by someone's real-life good news. Can you share any details?


Thanks, Billy! At this time, all I can share is the script is FIVE GOLD RINGS, which is a Christmas adaptation of a little movie I wrote, directed and produced called THE BRIDE & THE GROOMS. In it, a woman accidentally gets engaged to four men at the same time.

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