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Bradford Richardson

Thanks, Billy!

E.C. Henry

Thanks for the post, Billy. I originally read it yesterday, then found myself thinking about it at work, as I was under the impression that you're drawn most to the down beats of romantic comedies, as evidence by the banter between Louie and his doctor over Louie's heartache. I'm more of a cute meet kind of guy. As I think that's where the true heart of the genre lies: in the fireworks bewtween men and women that errupt when they find each other and feel the strong pull of attraction. But that's just me...

Anyway, your post got my mind think and what do you know last night I had a rom-com movie dream. I think I know what my next rom-com spec is going to be. I don't get new rom-com movie ideas everyday, it's more like every other day. (Just kidding) But now I got an original idea with a few cool ideas for memorable scenes that I think are worth pursueing. Not going to stop work on the epic fantasy novel, but on the side I'm going to pursue the bunny trail that this post of yours provoked and see where it goes. What I've got in mind is "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" meets "Definatley, Maybe."

Billy, your posts never cease to inspire and get me to challege the status quo, so thanks.

- E.C. Henry from Bonney Lake, WA


You're welcome, Bradford!

Always happy to help, EC!

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