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Awesome post. "...some other brand of bore..." indeed. But they sure scratch some itch in the old reward center.

E.C. Henry

HUGE fan of Karl Iglesias' "The 101 Habits of Highly Successful Screenwriters" too. My paperback is totally dogeared. And coattailing on the vibe you've laid out here's another gem from the book, "Writing is mostly a struggle and occasionally there's something nice that comes out and makes it worthwhile. You need to know when to write and when to simply think and when (and how) to do both." Remember which interviewee said that?

Billy, don't beat yourself up because you missed some writing time. But continueity really does make a difference, as missing time leads to lulls where you need catch-up to get back where you were before.

On a different note, I saw "A Million Ways to Die in the West" this weekend, and I LOVED the main ROMANTIC storyline between Albert (Seth McFarlene) and Anna (Charlize Theron). Who said romance was dead in the movies? I though many of the humor gags misfired too often in this movie (which I'm going to blog about by the way), but I was pleasantly surpised by how well the Albert and Anna romantic storyline worked. Hopefully Albert and Anna get some love when it comes time for the 2014 ASTA awards.

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