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Rob in L.A.

An intriguing idea succinctly stated. Well done, mernitman.


Thank you sir. Though it's really just an excuse to legitimately ogle her pulchritude.

Cheyenne Dhraga

While Scarjo made us fall in love with "Her" sans her sassy chassis, do not discount the power of her voluptuous voice. Maybe I am more of an aesthete than most men when it comes to women's voices. Some female singers slay me. Kate Bush, Stacy Kent, Elizabeth Fraser. Come on! I can't tell you how many times I've found myself listening to a woman talking on the radio just because her voice mesmerized me.

Without the distraction of her stunning physical presence, Scarjo's voice ratchets up a couple of notches to the point of melting my knees. Let's face it, "Her" would have been a horror flick if She had been voiced by the psychotic-cat-attacking-chalkboardly tones of Kathy Griffin.


Cheyenne: That would actually be a LOL comedy sketch (for as many minutes as one could stand it). But yes, agreed: a lot of Scarjo's appeal - let's call it the "melt factor" lies in her dulcet tones. And as a movie critic friend has pointed out, much of the audience is familiar with her and thus can picture her behind that voice, a subliminal factor not to be discounted.

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