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Elizabeth Ditty

I must ask -- did you see Laggies by chance? I went in expecting a pleasant but overall unremarkable experience, and it ended up being one of my favorites of the year.

I was also quite surprised by Neighbors, which I suppose only barely fits the genre of romantic comedy, but there is a small question of "will this couple survive or won't they?" As a fairly new parent myself, I was surprised at some of the authentic moments wrapped inside an otherwise raunch comedy.

But I have to agree with you; it was a rather dire year for the Romantic Comedy. Here's hoping it can rebound in 2015, because the good ones will forever be my favorites.


Apologies, Elizabeth - and LRC readers at large: I did NOT see Laggies, having been misled by the trailer into thinking it was more of a female bromantic rom-com ("ho-mantic comedy?") than a rom-com. I would very much like to see it.

Neighbors, IMHO, is a rom-com in a secondary way, though I could see it as hybrid - and agreed, it was not without its minor pleasures.

Rob in L.A.

Speaking of rom-coms and TV, the slate of new series this past fall struck me as having an especially conspicuous number of heavily promoted sitcoms in the rom-com mold: "Marry Me," "A to Z," "Selfie," and "Manhattan Love Story." I wonder if this says anything about Hollywood increasingly reserving the big screen for comic-book-type fare. However, these new rom-sitcoms are also having trouble finding an audience (MLS was the first new fall show to be cancelled).

I especially need to give a shout-out to "Selfie" for casting its "romantic" male lead with an Asian American actor. I can't think of another mainstream industry offering this side of "Flower Drum Song" (53 years ago!) to do that.

Also, this might just be me, but the new dramedy "Jane the Virgin" seems to be shaping into a rom-com between the title character and her baby's father.

Given that the only big-screen rom-com we can reasonably expect to see in the coming months is Superman doing the will-they-or-won't-they thing with Wonder Woman, TV's new interest in the rom-com genre might be worth some extra attention.

E.C. Henry

Billy, what about "And So It Goes" (2014: directed by Rob Reiner, staring Diane Keaton and Michael Douglas)? I saw this when it came out and thought Michael Douglas did a fine job of acting in this movie. Maybe even deserving of an ASTA in down year...

Other that that, I'm totally bummed out about the rom-com genre. Even this ASTA post had the undercurrent feel of a funeral dirge, rather than the joyous celebration of the most important movie genre of them all: the romantic comedy; where Americans go to learn what it's like to be in love.

Hopefully 2015 will be a beter year for the rom-com genre. Happy New Year, Billy. Thanks for doing this post, I look forward to it every year.


I'm with you, Rob, and both Selfie and Jane look intriguing to me.

Happy New Year EC! Yes, I'm sorry for the dirge-like undertone, but it was hard to avoid. You may be absolutely right about the Keaton-Douglas pic, but I've yet to see it (mostly because what I saw of it made me feel that I had already seen this movie). But hope springs eternal, Mr. Henry: There WILL be a truly great romantic comedy in our future - I can feel it!


I think there will be some great romantic comedies in the future too. Things are cyclical in Hollywood, and after a period of years with a fairly significant percentage of weak romantic comedies (most of them starring Matthew McConaughey it seemed), I think it is natural for film makers to take breather and regroup. Eventually someone will write/produce a snappy funny intelligent romantic comedy and the genre will be revitalized. Lets hope so anyway. Of course, I'm still hopeful of the western being restored to life too.


I'm with you, pjw: And sure, the western could come back. There really isn't a major genre that comes to mind that's actually died and stayed dead. While the "boxing picture" that BARTON FINK affectionately made fun of is no longer with us, certainly the larger "sports drama" is still alive and well, and so on (and on...).

TLB Productions

A movie-musical in 4-minutes! Slice the musical! What happens when a girl falls hopelessly in love with her pizza delivery guy?


Like I said on Twitter, the upcoming release of Tess Morris' MAN UP gives me hope for the genre. May it's April debut signal a romcom rebirth.


Hear Hear, Writenett! - Totally, Absolutely, Completely non-biased response.

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