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Bradford Richardson

3 perspectives. Brilliant!

Rob in L.A.

mernitman, you were correct: At least one person (Dakota Johnson in the second still from the top) is definitely losing her shirt!

Rob in L.A.

I just came from seeing "50 Shades." I agree with mernitman: the movie is all build-up to the "lose," with no joyful defeat to resolve it (presumably, that's what the sequels are for). Very unsatisfying. A pale shadow of "Last Tango in Paris." Let's see what kind of legs this neutered puppy has.

P.S. The three-way dialogue between yourself is a great way to structure the blogpost, mernitman.


Thank you, Bradford!

And thank you, Rob: Indeed, let us see what kind of legs this neutered puppy has (well put, sir)...

Joanna Farnsworth

That is the Hollywood genius - and the tragedy.

If they can get us to pay for story trappings they don't have to bother with story substance and structure.

If they can make their box office with less - they don't have to bother with more.

How long before our money buys us a screen with no story at all? But then we know that one.

We've seen it before. It's called "The Emperor's New Clothes".

Of course I have to concede that for as long as at least one in three Billy Mernits can see something on that screen - we know it must still be a movie.


Hi Joanna: I feel your pain. The truth about "50" is that the movie could have been... well, anything, and opening weekend would've been huge, regardless, so in a sense your rhetorical "how long?" question has already been answered.


I took a 2-hour nap during the SAG screening I went to.


Binnie: And you were wise.

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