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E.C. Henry

So, Billy, now you got me wondering, is "Groundhog Day" your favorite romantic comedy movie of all-time? Given your vast knowledge base of the genre, I'm curious what your favorite romantic comedy of all-time is?

Just last night, after my Seahawks had lost the Super Bowl in closely contested game that wasn't decided untill the last 20 seconds I turned to two of my all-time favorite romantic comedies of all-time: "13 Going on 30" and then "How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days" and I found they still had the power to life my spirits and get me to laugh.

After all the rom-coms you've seen are any such movies for you that do the same?

Bradford Richardson

Billy, this is wonderful. Breezy, great writing too.


Hi EC: Yeah, the end of that game was profoundly depressing (especially after that amazing "it didn't touch the ground!" catch by Jermaine Kearse), so I'm not surprised that you needed rom-com therapy afterwards.

My top three favorite rom-coms (can't really pick a #1) are Annie Hall, Tootsie, and yes, Groundhog Day. When I'm specifically looking for an antidote to depression, I return to Bringing Up Baby, or the more rueful consolations of Lost in Translation.

Thank you, Bradford!

Roland Denzel

When Bill Murray asks you on a date, you say yes.


Roland: That is correct, sir.

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