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E.C. Henry

Cool song, Billy. Did use your link and listened to Blake Mills' hit. Kinda sounds like a song you'd hear featured at Starbucks. And you're right, "I know I fucked up" is a funny bridge to put in a song.

Humble honesty... Hmmm... Great insight and start to this series, BUT if we could just transfer that trait to the political arena, then we'd really be onto something.

IF you're looking for a perfomer highly capable of delivering music for rom-coms, you might wanna consider Taylor Swift. She's got a song entittled, "How You Get the Girl" that sounds like it was ripped right from the pages of your "Writing the Romantic Comedy" paperback. And of course Taylor latest smash hit which is getting a lot of air time on the radio right now: "Style"; really captures the magic and delight of a romantic encounter.


EC: Well, don't get me started on "the political arena"...!

You're preaching to the choir on Ms. Swift. I've been a fan for a while now, and yes, some of her best songs are like mini rom-coms or rom-dramedy movies. Suspect a Swift musical (theatrical or film) is in the making, somewhere...

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