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Rob in L.A.

Excellent post, Billy. And a belated Happy Birthday!

Re the people who sit together at their meal tables and look at their phones and nothing else: I'm reminded of that episode of the rom-sitcom "Selfie," when Henry (male lead) learns that social-media-freak Eliza (female lead) is about to meet her Bellamy boyfriend's parents at a fancy restaurant: "Eliza, try to stay off the phone tonight. The only thing glowing at that table should be you."


Rob: Thanks for the belated b-day wishes. That Selfie line is a good one!

Rob in L.A.

If you'll indulge me, I'd like to put in another good word for a line from "Selfie," in the same episode.

At the dinner (in a seafood restaurant), Eliza realizes that her boyfriend isn't her soulmate. When the waiter comes to take the orders, Eliza emotionally asks him about the wisdom of "committing" to ordering a salmon dinner, while the audience knows that she's really talking about committing to her boyfriend. And the waiter answers, "There are plenty of other fish in the sea."

Out of all "Selfie's" episodes and scenes, that, I think, was the sitcom's best moment.

E.C. Henry

Happy birthday, Mernitman! Glad you have a new bike to cruise the beach with.

As I was reading this post I couldn't help but think, that the tension that arises when technology clashes and ventures to threaten the romance between two people is very fallow ground for comedy spots in romantic comedy storylines. What I mean is that an exploration and a take off the conflict that technology brings to romance IS a place that some modern-day comedy that people can relate to can come from. Have you seen people trying to use that in the rom-com material?

As for me, I'm at the point in my life where I need to technology up. I'm still using a flip cell-phone from like 6 years ago. When I bought a new car recently the salesmen was at a loss with how to get my Verison flip phone to interface with the state-of-the-art GPS navigation system that this car had which supported hands free phone calls.

Anyway, great post. You're a real master at saying a lot, and not using a lot of words. See, all that poetry reading is paying off.


Rob, SELFIE is in my queue now.

EC, I think HER was about that conflict, as is the current EX MACHINA (though it's not a comedy). Certainly fertile grounds for rom-commery.


This is such a wonderful post dearest Mernitman - Yes, yes to all that you say about poetry.

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