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Rob in L.A.

So, the SNL parody wasn't predictive, but it wasn't that far off the mark either. "A female super hero? Add some rom-com elements!"

(And I'm sure that some Brits will be confused by the tagline "It's not a bird!")

Roland Denzel

I like it.

I loved the SNL parody and I think I'll like Supergirl. I think it's perfectly fine to have Supergirl wanting to be normal and super at the same time.

If Marvel had done that with Black Widow, there'd be a problem. Supergirl wasn't raised an orphan in assassin school, was she?

There's plenty of room in the superhero genre for different types of characters, stories, and portrayals. Daredevil on Netflix is pretty brutal and NOT funny compared to movie Marvel.

BTW, I also detected a little Greatest American Hero in the Supergirl trailer. Good times. ;)


Rob: It's fun to confuse the Brits, as it reverses our usual inferiority complex where wit is concerned.

Roland: Agreed!

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