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Happy Trails, Mr. Mernit! And I'm glad you got that bike rack. xxx

Jackie Muhlstock

Please, Please Keep on Blogging. 👏


999999 and counting, a toast! love s

Caroline Ferguson

So glad you're still entertaining and informing us, Billy. Thanks for all the words. Long may you roll.

Bradford Richardson

Thanks, Billy!

Remember, "bend with your knees."


More of - keep blogging, for one, and I like your reviews of whatever you have seen lately.

E.C. Henry

#1 fan of Mernitman, yeah, I'll wear that distinction with pride! Cool.

Hope the new house brings with it a whole host of great memories to be had. Wishing you God's best there.

Can't wait for "Trainwreck" to come out. Looks like Amy Schumer is set to be the next star that Judd Apatow helps pop to superstardom. If you haven't seen it yet, Billy, you really should check out "Inside Amy Schumer", which is Amy's 1/2 hour comedy show on the COMEDY network. I LOVE they layout of that show, and Amy is a real pro at doing comedy skits.

Side issue: have you ever seen either Amy or Judd doing stand-up comedy? Last Saturday both both Amy and Judd did a sesion of stand-up comedy at a club up here in Seattle. Unfortuntaely for me I learned about this too late to actually go it, and had to read about it in a Seattle Times Arts section review a couple of days after they were here. But I'd be curious to know if you ever get out there and watch stand-up acts perform in your local, Southern California area. Stand-up comedy seems like the place where so many of our current movie stars got their start.


Binnie: It was a MUST.

Jackie: With delightful readers such as yourself, I surely will.

Simone: Looking forward to a cool cocktail with you.

Thank you Caroline!

Bradford: That's what my dad taught me.

Thanks Patrick, I will do that.

EC: Haven't got out to see much stand-up, but I'd like to. And yes, I'm an early adopter of all things Amy. You might enjoy her stand-up special.


I follow you on and off. Don't post much. But wanted to say congrats on reaching 1 million viewers when you do! And on Ten years of blogging.

Not many people out there are supporters of the Romantic Comedy. I am so glad you are, and that you continue to write thoughtful articles about the genre.

Hollywood has been out of the loop for quite a while when it comes to Rom-Com's. I believe they have a huge place in the multiplex, and when they reappear people will be so happy. Not the kind that are just full of dumb vulgar jokes. Not the dumb scenario type movies. Like you said, the girl going for a promotion but in love with her boss, type thing. No a REAL kind of Rom-Com.

Something heartfelt, fresh, fun, and sweet even (though doesn't have to be sweet).

Again, thanks for all your effort, and can't wait to see what you have to post for another ten.

Rob in L.A.

I've been checking by a lot to make sure that the counter goes over the one-million mark.

And congratulations on all your milestones!


Midnight: Thanks so much for reading (and commenting)! You know I'm looking for the same thing - HFFS (heartfelt fresh fun sweet).

Rob: You're Mr. Million then, I'll say. Thanks, Rob!

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