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E.C. Henry

As always, Billy, I love it when you talk shop. Here's some of my favorite rom-com and other great movie set peices:

From the movie, "Dan in Real Life": the blind date set peice in the bar when Dan (Steve Carrell's character) manages to FINALLY get the upper hand on the girl he really likes, Marie (as played by Juliette Binoche). Great subtext on display as the audidence gets to see Marie's jealousy over the affect that Emily Blunt's wild card character has over Dan.

From the movie, "The 40-Year-Old Virgin": the drunk driving set piece where Andy (Steve Carrell's character) worry mounts as Leslie Mann's character's drunken antics go through wild mood swings.

From the movie, "How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days": the obnoxious girlfirend crashing a boy's poker game scene. Best comedic acting by a woman in the history of EVER here. "Love Fern" and "Do you think I'm some kind of mental person!" But by the end of scene Ben's dogged devotion has gotten to Andie, but the audience also gets to see that now Ben is quite angry with Andie, a potential towart in thier potential, love relationship.

From the movie, "Birdman (or the Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance)" the set piece where supporting actor purposely crashes the lead actors own play when he feels him hogging the spotlight, or how the first preview of the play ends. A drunken Mike Shiner (Edward Norton's character) takes issue with Riggan Thompson (Michael Keaton's character) replacing real gin with water in the middle of one of Riggan's monologs spoken the audience watching. This set-piece ends with Mike slamming a refridgerator door shut, which results in the crash of a cabinet full of dishes which shocks both Riggan and the other actresses on stage.

From the movie, "Romancing the Stone" the wild waterpark style slide down the mountain set peice, which ends with Michael Douglas' character's face emerging from the broad leg split of Kathleen Turner's legs...

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