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E.C. Henry

Great re-post, Billy. Really apros for where I'm at these days, albeit the editing variety as opposed to 1st draft creation.

Even LeBron James, as great as he is, has to practice at some point. No matter how blessed an athlete or writer is, they have to put in the time to hone their skill to reach those levels that OTHER PEOPLE will consider as being great.

For me, a real key right now is avoiding burnout. Something you didn't touch on in this post which is a real important issue for writers to grapple over and master is how to deal with constant exposure to the same thing.

What do you do when you know the end result of what you want to have, but aren't there yet?

Not all writing is creative in nature, some of it is a grind. After you have your story, you still hafta make it great. To get there you have to repeatedly go over the same material with the goal of which being after each pass it gets better, approaching LeBron James' level of excellence.

Some of us may never reach that high level, but by pushing ourselves we are capable of creating a higher lever of art, at the root of which is, PRACTICE!


EC: That threat of burnout on a project is a real concern. I've found over the years that having a second project to work on is a good way to go - when you're out of fuel on your primary project, you can "visit" the other one and do some work on it... Often sparks insights re: the one you've temporarily stepped away from.

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