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Bradford Richardson

Ha! Billy, you rule. In my Rom-Com script, THE DO-OVER, I hinted at this cliche' by making it look like my guy would certainly make the dash to the airport, but he doesn't. He let's her go.

The airport scene has got to be so popular because airports are great visual symbols for permanent change.

Airports are literally gateways to significant change. If you prevent your love from passing through the gate, you may still have a chance at saving your romance.

Graham Jones

I like Mr. Richardson's post. Another cliche I'd love to do away with -although its not rom-com- is the first scene wake up to an alarm clock and/or teeth brushing. And the war movie cliche of sixties acid rock playing over helicopters flying to a landing zone... but I digress...


Bradford: I like your observations. And I'm happy to hear you tweaked the cliche in your Do-Over.

Graham: Any writer who starts his movie with the protagonist's wake-up and morning routine ought to have his/her creative writing license suspended.

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