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E.C. Henry

Nice to see you're finally popping your head to the surface, much like Puxsutawney Phil, Billy. Ya know, according to handler, Phil did not see his shadow this year, so we're due for an early spring! Yeah, finnaly some good news! And it took a groundhog and his handler to give it to us!!

From a brief AOL news clip I read some interesting facts surrounding a couple recent Groundhog Day celebrations in the Punxutawney, PA. Like in 2009 the groundhog BIT THE HAND of then-mayor Michael Bloomberg during the annual Febuary 2 celebration. And tragically in 2014, after Charolette the groundhog wiggled out of Mayor Bill de Bario's grasp she fell to the ground and then died a week later of internal injuries.

That groundhog does indeed have a personallity. And as your post alludes this classic movie, "Groundhog Day" DOES grow on you with repeated viewings. I find that I like it more and more with each new revisiting. There's a lot to that movie to enjoy. It has serveal different levels and layers to it, and that's a hallmark of most great, iconic movies.

Happy Groundhog Day, Billy. Good to have ya back!


It's nice that there are certain things that can be counted on every year.

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