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E.C. Henry

Wow, what a great interview with Briannee Hogan, Billy. Good job. Didn't know that Creative Screenwriting was still in existance untill this post!

Really liked the way you opened up in the interview and told the readers how your parents helped shape your love for the genre with the Cary Grant and Katherine Hepburn rom-coms. Love hearing the shaping forses that guide people.

Also LA-OVED you dissing a little bit on Amy Schumer's "Trainwreck". Easy to laud the praise on Schumer on this one, but I'm more curious as to what Judd Apatow's footprint in this movie was. In 2005 he made the classic "The 40-Year-Old-Virgin" then a decade later he directed a raunchy rom-com that was the female equivalent of his male-side jem--and in "Trainwreck" he proved that he could put out a product that was lean and ended well, which was one of my few gripes with Judd's movies over the years.

Anyway, GREAT interview. Glad to read that the relationship between you and Creative Screenwriting is still going strong.

London Mabel

Gonna go read that -- but I actually just came here to say I finally watched Man Up. Great movie, loved it. Lots of originality, loved the warm side characters, and especially loved the gang of partiers at the end: A very good rom com run. Congrats to your writer friend. ;-)


London Mabel: So glad you enjoyed it. Tess has a perfect record of satisfied customers in this regard; literally no one I've recommended MAN UP to has come to me demanding their money back.

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