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Stephane Guero

Dear Billy,
It is great to read you again :)
Your comeback on this blog and the new edition of your book are great news!
I'd love to get your view on the rom-coms released over the past 12 months... Did you notice a particular trend or novelty?
Greeting from France,


So glad you are posting again. I recently completed a romcom script and found your book very useful in finding my way through it. For me the hardest thing was building a sense of chemistry and magic between the two leads, showing the audience why these two should be together. I'm still not sure I was successful there. Looking to the future, there is obviously an appetite now for 'authored' pieces where the writer has a very personal connection to their story. Given that we haven't all met our loved ones via a 'Big Sick' style drama, do you have any thoughts about shaping messy personal lives into romcom stories?


Hi Stefane from France!

I'll do a post soon to more specifically discuss this year's rom-coms - the Netflix stuff, especially. In the meantime, I can report the obvious: Every studio here in town is looking for "an Asian-American romantic comedy or comedy." Gee, I can't imagine why... ;->


I think the key is separating "personal" (what actually happened to me in real life, autobiographically) and "personal" (feelings and insights I've had as a result of such experiences, which can be translated into a fictional story with universal appeal). I think if you can step back and analyze "what was the significance of that [real life event]?" and extrapolate from it some feeling/thought that makes you wonder, What if...? - you'll be on the right track. But your question gives me an idea for a post about this issue, so I'll muse further...

Stephane Guero

Thanks Billy for your reply. I look forward to reading your post on this year's rom-coms.
Crazy Rich Asians (that I truly enjoyed) and some fairly good rom-coms (Love, Simon - To all the boys I've loved before - Nappily ever after - Set it up...) seem to be more diverse and inclusive. They’re not only about love, they are also about tolerance. For my part, this is the kind of movie I write :)

Josh K-sky

Glad you're back! I'm still reading. (And, marginally, still writing.)


Thanks, Josh! Glad you're still doing both.


So glad you’re back!


Thank you, Anna! Happy to be here.


Hi Billy--I'm here as always, grateful to see you pop up on my feed. I have also been quite neglectful of my blog in recent years. It's funny the shift to other social media. I often think about the "love dash" when I see a rom-com. I even finally read your novel, which I bought years ago. Hope to read more here in the days to come.


Hi Jamy!

How good to hear from you again. Thank you for reading the novel. Looking forward to writing about... stuff, as we lurch into the new year, so I look forward to seeing you here.

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