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Stephane Guero

Thanks Billy for reminding us of this stunning use of split screen. Here are others examples of split-screens in rom-coms: Down with love, The rules of attraction, When Harry met Sally, Annie Hall, Pillow talk, Indiscreet…


Stephane: Great list! I had forgotten about Indiscreet, and always thought Pillow Talk was the first.

Stephane Guero

For those who may be interested in watching them, here are the links :
- Down with love:
- The rules of attraction:
- When Harry met Sally:
- Annie Hall:
- Pillow talk:
- Indiscreet:
But (500) days of summer’s split screen is probably the most interesting!
Does anyone remember another use of split screen in a rom-com?

Stephane Guero

Here is a bonus, a very nice split screen (on Minnie Riperton’s Inside my love) from a very good French rom-com that most of you probably don’t know: Une rencontre (Quantum love) with the gorgeous Sophie Marceau (The world is not enough) and the great François Cluzet (The intouchables):


Stephane: The American title is "A Chance Encounter," and no, I've never seen it. Thanks for the turn on!

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