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I saw it on Monday night and couldn’t agree more! I really enjoyed it and thought the leads had credible chemistry and the supporting characters had real depth. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves too, which always helps. It is also the best contemporary example of a successful two-gander Rom com I can think of. Gave me lots of ideas for how to progress my 40+ Rom com screenplay.


Hi Lily: Love the point you make about "everyone seemed to enjoy themselves," as that's the kind of ephemeral but important "x" factor that can make all the difference in a movie's appeal; you can feel the good feeling implicit in Long Shot, and it does help. And it's cool that the movie generated ideas for you (I love it when that happens). Best of luck with your project!

Elizabeth Kerri Mahon

I saw the movie last Sunday and I have to say that I enjoyed most of it. Mainly the relationship between Fred and Charlotte. I thought that Seth Rogen & Charlize Theron had genuine chemistry, and the characters seemed to really enjoy each others company. I also thought part of the reason that it works it that their characters have history, even though they haven't seen each other in over 20 years.


Hi Elizabeth! Agreed. The chemistry and the genuine fun they appear to be having goes a long way, in shoring up the credibility of their personal history - which really is presented effectively as the anchor of their relationship.

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