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Stephane Guero

Slapstick comedy with devastating British humour, SHAUN OF THE DEAD should make you laugh and think. Maybe one of the most audacious and innovative cross-genre rom-coms.
Thank you Billie for helping us (re)discover these 10 high-quality rom-coms! One can see all the diversity and richness of this genre…

Stephane Guero

France is known for its romantic cinema, and most people have seen (or at least heard about) Amélie, The artist, The young girls of Rochefort… But as a French screenwriter, let me recommend 10 of the best French rom-coms of the 21st century…
- Heartbreaker (L’arnacoeur)
- Love at second sight (Mon inconnue)
- Love me if you dare (Jeux d’enfants)
- Rolling to you (Tout le monde debout)
- Mr & Mrs Adelman (Monsieur et madame Adelman)
- The names of love (Le nom des gens)
- It boy (20 ans d’écart)
- Blind date (Un peu, beaucoup, aveuglément)
- Someone, somewhere (Deux moi)
- Love at first fight (Les combattants)


Hi Stephane: Thank you for the many, many thoughtful comments on the various "Rona Rom-Com" posts! You're clearly a film lover of discerning taste. I'm glad you've enjoyed this series. And thank you especially for the list of suggested French films! Of the ones you've mentioned, I've only seen "Heartbreakers" and "Blind Date." (I love "Heartbreakers" - and my studio, Universal, briefly flirted with an American remake of it.) I look forward to seeking out the others. I hope you are staying healthy and well in these terrible times. Thanks again for visiting the blog, B.

Stephane Guero

Thanks Billie for your kind words. Some of these French rom-coms are very successful and really worth a remake, but Heartbreaker remains my favorite… Take care and stay safe, warmest regards from France, Stephane

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